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Animation is a complex topic – these materials just barely touch a broad range of techniques. Your first stop should be the free Unity tutorials – they’re quite good and contain everything you need to know.

The rest of this page are a bunch of resources we’ll discuss during the workshop, presented here in no particular order.

Easing is the application of time to your animations to make them more realistic and comfortable. Easing can be complex or simple, if you’re doing a lot of manual animations, there are packages that can assist you like DOTween. Somoene has also ported a bunch of easing functions to Unity for you.

Unity Doc: Animation Overview

is very useful for basic rigging and decent default player characters

TurboSquid is a decent commercial resource for many different models

Video Tutorial: Animate bipedal characters

Video Tutorial: Mechanim is typically used to animate avatars, but you can animate anything. This is a long tutoral (1 hour) but it will show you how to apply the technique to virtually any object:

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